This 18 hour, three day workshop is designed for anyone who wants to develop a better understanding of how to help those who are dealing with loss and grief. It may be of special benefit to those professionals who work in healthcare, financial services, insurance, law, HR/EAP and college/university counselling departments.

Those who take this training will receive a Certificate of Completion and have the option to move into the role of a facilitator with the LMGRS if interested. Please note: we cannot provide CEU’s.

Program Objectives

  • Gain an in-depth knowledge of the grieving process
  • Develop skills of how to support the bereaved – individually and in groups
  • Learn various grief management models
  • Understand the different kinds of losses
  • Increase awareness of disenfranchised and complicated grief

Instructors / Facilitators

Chris Newell has been in the area of transition and loss since 1999. She worked with an award-winning program for over 12 years which helped people manage the multiple effects of job loss find a sense of purpose and confidence to secure a new career.

Since 2008 she has been a Facilitator/Educator with the LMGRS and has been involved at the board level for the last several years. Presently she holds the position of President.

As a Grief Educator, Dr. Catherine Hajnal facilitates an understanding of loss and the process of grieving.  As an advocate for healthy grieving, she brings awareness to the ways in which society disenfranchises grievers.  She is passionate about the transformative potential of loss. Her doctorate (1997) explored the connection between health and the design of work.  She has been involved with health, well-being, and empowerment ever since. Catherine has been a Facilitator/Educator with LMGRS since 2014 and was a Past LMGRS Board Member as Facilitator Liaison.

*Please check back here after January 31, 2019 to see when we are offering our next Grief Education Workshop.

We know that everyone is going to experience a loss at some point in their lives; therefore we are dedicated to providing information and education to individuals, organizations and agencies about how to manage this loss and the subsequent grief.

We also know how important it is for people in different professional settings – especially those who deal on the front end with loss and grief  – to have the skills and confidence to help others effectively.

We have delivered workshops (full day) and presentations (2 hours) to organizations including senior care facilities, community centres, health organizations, and emergency responders.

If you are interested in arranging for us to come and give a presentation or workshop, please email us at:

*Please note that we will not be available to deliver presentations until after January 31, 2019.