The LMGRS is a non-profit registered charitable organization that has been organizing grief support groups in the greater Vancouver area since it was incorporated in 1990.These programs are offered in the communities of Kerrisdale/West Side and Downtown Vancouver.

Our programs are designed for those who have suffered the death of a significant person by helping them understand, cope and live with their loss. We help the grieving person move from pain to healing in a non-judgemental, compassionate and confidential environment.

The group facilitators come to this work from a variety of backgrounds, including healthcare, counselling, pastoral work, education, and social service. All have received their bereavement education from the LMGRS and all have experienced first-hand the heartbreak of their own personal losses.

In our 34 years of service, we have delivered more than 100 grief support programs and have provided information and resources to over 1000 people that have attended these programs. The LMGRS board and grief facilitators have worked tirelessly to provide and maintain a high level of knowledge, time, energy and compassion in order to keep this society and its mission alive in the community!

To support the bereaved in rebuilding their lives by helping them understand their grief in a safe, confidential environment.

Grief Support Groups
Our support groups are designed for those who are struggling with the pain of losing a significant person. Trained and experienced facilitators walk with participants on a journey through healing by offering coping tools, support and the chance to share feelings and stories. Being with others who ‘get’ what you are going through can be extremely comforting and powerful.

For more information about our support groups, please go to our Support Groups page.

Grief Education
We are dedicated and passionate about offering education to individuals and organizations who would like to be more skilled in helping themselves or others with grief.

For more information about our education programs, please go to our Education page.

We are a small non-profit society, managed by a handful of dedicated and compassionate individuals who see the necessity of providing grief support and education to the community. We rely on the generosity of time and money from people and organizations that also see the value of what we do.
If you would like to contribute – in any way – please go to: https://lmgr.ca/contribute-to-lmgrs/

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