LMGRS SPECIAL EVENT: Tuesday, June 25th: 6 – 7:30 pm 

This event was intimate and informative. Stephen is a passionate presenter. He provided very important information which he laced with powerful stories. Please see our Resources Page for the Memorial Society of BC contact information.

Every year we hold our Annual General Meeting Event (AGM) for LMGRS members and the general public to come and learn more about us and the work we do. This special event is highlighted by a guest speaker. In the past we’ve had art therapists, musicians and grief educators all offering their gifts and knowledge on how to help those who are dealing with loss and grief. You are welcome to attend to hear our guest speaker and if so inclined, stay for our meeting afterwards.

This year we would like to welcome Stephen Garret, who will provide us with the following presentation:

All Ready to Go – Freedom to Grieve Well

When we are well prepared and have all our end of life i’s dotted and t’s crossed we can settle into grieving and saying good-bye well – a true gift for all our survivors.

When you meet Stephen, you are meeting a man who lives life fully. A genuine heart and commitment to life have produced in Stephen the qualities of a warrior: integrity, strength, leadership, kindness, and wisdom. He has experienced success in life as a teacher, investment banker, social worker, author, Interfaith Minister, and currently executive director of the Memorial Society of BC.

Arising out of his personal experience of hundreds of deaths, Stephen’s heart passion and life energy are focused on changing the conversation we have about death from one of fear and denial to one of embrace and inspiration. Stephen combines his life experience with his Masters in Leadership and Training as he trains and mentors health care providers in dealing with dying, death, and grief.

Stephen new photo (002)





with Debbie Balcome from Rain Down Words

We each grieve in our own unique way and reflecting on the memory of your loss is an intensely personal experience. In order to heal, you need to feel and writing through grief is a valuable tool that is available to you 24 hours a day.

Writing through grief offers you the opportunity to :

  • reflect on the meaning and significance of the loss in your life as it applies to your inner self.
  • write your feelings down as a map of your journey towards healing.
  • separate and sort through all the confusion and conflicting emotions that surface after a loss.
  • let off steam, release, tension and express creative urges in a safe and harmless way.
  • clarify what you are thinking and feeling as you move from thinking to writing it down.

Through guided meditation and structured writes explore the different dimensions of grief and yourself. Obtain the relief that comes when you can express your thoughts and feelings and know that you have put them down somewhere. Whether the grief you carry is from an actual death or from some of the many losses we sustain in life, come and be welcomed into a safe space with other grief journeyers.

Check out the dates of these writing workshops at https://www.raindownwords.com/grief-loss-writing-to-heal