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Education, Dialogue and Community Resources:
A Day of Transformative Learning
Sat, 04 Nov 2017 9:45 AM

Death comes to us all and is a natural part of life. Opening conversations about death can ease fears, help with practicalities and deepen appreciation for life. End of Life Expo 2017 includes engaging talks and discussions and an End of Life Marketplace featuring corporate, governmental, professional and community resources.

At this free, one-day event, you can explore your questions and share your perspectives on the end-of-life theme, from the practical to the psyche-spiritual, including multicultural and multi-faith, and new holistic and green/eco considerations. You can also encounter direct experiences with a diversity of Symbols of Death. This expo is intentionally designed around a transformative learning approach to develop your own personal understanding of dying and its meaning for living.


with Debbie Balcome from Rain Down Words

We each grieve in our own unique way and reflecting on the memory of your loss is an intensely personal experience. In order to heal, you need to feel and writing through grief is a valuable tool that is available to you 24 hours a day.

Writing through grief offers you the opportunity to :

  • reflect on the meaning and significance of the loss in your life as it applies to your inner self.
  • write your feelings down as a map of your journey towards healing.
  • separate and sort through all the confusion and conflicting emotions that surface after a loss.
  • let off steam, release, tension and express creative urges in a safe and harmless way.
  • clarify what you are thinking and feeling as you move from thinking to writing it down.

Through guided meditation and structured writes explore the different dimensions of grief and yourself. Obtain the relief that comes when you can express your thoughts and feelings and know that you have put them down somewhere. Whether the grief you carry is from an actual death or from some of the many losses we sustain in life, come and be welcomed into a safe space with other grief journeyers.

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