Our groups are structured in such a way that participants are able to meet once a week, for six weeks. Each of our sessions begins with information about the grieving process and how it affects us physically and emotionally. Participants are invited to gather in small groups to discuss their experiences regarding the topics presented. No person is obliged to speak, and all are advised that everything shared in the sessions remains strictly confidential. We create a safe environment that allows participants to explore their shock, pain, sadness, guilt and regrets and to discover that others also share these emotions.

Our programs are facilitated by two facilitators who have received training and practical experience in the area of grief work. They come to this work because of their own losses and paths of healing, and bring their energy and compassion to help others on this journey as well.

Our Grief Support Group Programs are set up with a three-pronged approach:

  • To receive practical information and tools to help you cope with your loss.
  • A chance to connect with others who are also struggling and who ‘get it’.
  • A process-oriented approach that includes week-to-week practices (Heart-work) to help you with your healing journey.

Our programs are non-religious and open to those who have experienced the death of a significant person.

As we do not receive public funding, there is a $200 fee for our program which consists of six consecutive weekly evening sessions of two hours each and a follow-up session a few weeks after the program completes. We also invite the participants from our three programs held throughout the year to attend our annual Seasonal Gathering held in December.

Your fee also covers the expenses incurred such as venue, facilitators, materials and refreshments.

An Intake/Registration Process is required in order to attend one of our Grief Support Group Programs. This involves talking with one of our facilitators by phone to learn more about your loss; to provide you with additional information regarding our program; and to make sure it’s a good fit and appropriate for you at this time.

Our groups are anywhere from 8 – 13 participants. We close the group after the first session and do not allow drop-ins. We do this in order to promote an environment of safety and trust. This also allows us to create structure and consistency with the individual sharing and therapeutic models, which build on each other.

We have two locations where we offer our Grief Support Group Programs. When you contact us, please state which location you prefer. Exact address of location will be provided after the intake conversation.

Please note: Our group is a ‘healing meeting’ and is not considered a social event or activity, and therefore we are still able to hold it during this time.

We have a large meeting room with chairs placed six feet apart; contact tracing measures with the church; masks; and hand sanitizers. All Covid Safety Protocols are in place. 

Downtown Vancouver (Georgia & Burrard)
October 18 – November 22, 2021
We begin the registration and intake process September 20, 2021
Monday evenings: Six sessions plus Follow up: 7 – 9pm 

Kerrisdale (37th & Larch)
October 5 – November 9, 2021
We begin the registration and intake process September 7, 2021
Tuesday evenings: Six sessions plus Follow up: 7 – 9pm

We provide a Monthly Grief Circle for Past Participants. If you have already completed one of our programs, no matter how long ago, you are welcome to attend. This is held at the home of one of our facilitators and is limited for space. Please email us if you are interested in attending. This is being offered virtually at this time. 

*Please note as we do not have a dedicated receptionist, the best way to reach us is by email: Please allow 24 hours for a response by email, and three business days for us to reach you by phone.

If you do not have email access, then you can call us at: 604-696-1060 and leave a message. Please state which Program Location and Date you are interested in attending and our Volunteer Intake Facilitator for that location will contact you within three business days. 

If your query is about grief counsellors and other related bereavement resources, or if you feel you need grief support before our next program, please contact the B. C. Bereavement Helpline at: 1-877-779-2223.

Thank you!